Humble Beginnings

The first publicly playable version of AudioCube. Approximately 3 months into development. Or 3 months since I first started using unity. ▣ AudioCubes:Cubes have the following audio types:+ Ambient: Looped sound that plays with no interaction.+ Mouse Over: Plays sound when the mouse cursor is over the Cube (pauses on exit). + Mouse Click: Plays sound whenContinue reading “Humble Beginnings”

Blog: AudioCube First Look.

The first video teasing AudioCube. This started as an idea to make a 3D Audio Workstation / Music Production Suite. I’d had some experience with programming, although not masses. I’d messed around with Arduino, MSP, and SuperCollider. But had never really found a platform that worked for me. During covid lockdown I was bored, andContinue reading “Blog: AudioCube First Look.”